27 JANUARY, 2015

Culture: Alba spends and cashes in the most, in comparison with the others cities in Piedmont Region

Alba, 27 January 2015. It makes sense to invest in cultural activities? Is this a business or just a luxury no longer sustainable? Here you are Alba’s answer. According to a recent study by the portal Open Bilanci, the town of Alba in Piedmont is the top spender for annual investment on cultural activities (1.8 million), that produces 535thousand EUR a year, 17.31 per person, where Cuneo, Alba’s provincial capital, earns only 2.95 EUR.

The data processed by the Open Bilanci are official and published by the Ministry of Interior, accessible as ones concerning the others 8,000 Italian municipalities. Alba is the city of Piedmont Region with more than 10,000 inhabitants (about 67 municipalities) that cashes in the most from culture, with an annual expense per person of 59 euro in cultural services.

Source: Gazzetta d’Alba - City newspaper