20 FEBRUARY 2015

UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy: the City of Alba will run for

Alba, February 20, 2015. It’s official, we compete.
Last Friday, at the auditorium "Beppe Fenoglio" in Alba, the Mayor Maurizio Marello, supported by the Assessor for Culture and Tourism Fabio Tripaldi and the Project Management Team, has officially announced to the public that the City of Alba, and its territory, will apply for joining the international network UNESCO Creative Cities of Gastronomy.
Alba chose its greatest strength, Gastronomy, to enter the circuit UNESCO reserved for world excellence in various fields of creativity. Erica Firpo (BBC Travel), Annalisa Renzi (Narrator of Taste) and Piercarlo Grimaldi (Rector of UNISG- University of Gastronomic Sciences -Slow Food), were also there to prove the importance of the project.

Both public and private entities had worked on the Application: together for a shared goal. The Management Team is composed by Ente Turismo Alba Bra Langhe and Roero, Ente Fiera Internazionale del Tartufo Bianco d'Alba, Associazione Commercianti Albesi, private consultants in the field of cultural project management. The Scientific Committee includes Ferrero Foundation, UniTO University of Turin – Dep. Agriculture, Forestry and Food Sciences, UniSG University of Gastronomic Sciences, National Center of Truffle Studies. Support has come even from MiBACT - Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism, General Secretariat.

Source: TargatoCN – Cuneo newspaper