2 JUNE 2017

The City of Alba at the “Gola Gola! Festival” in Parma 2-4 June

The City of Alba stand, rich showcase of Piedmont's food and wine excellences and the "Wonderful Alba Bra Langhe Roero" infopoint for tourist information on the main initiatives of the territory, were inaugurated at the opening of Gola Gola! Festival by the Mayor of Alba, Maurizio Marello, and the Head of Culture&Tourism Fabio Tripaldi, together with the Mayor of Parma, Federico Pizzarotti, and the Head of Tourism, Cristiano Casa.

Mayor Maurizio Marello and Mayor Federico Pizzarotti also appeared on the stage for the open conversation on "Territories of excellence for a new European path", followed by a meeting with the UNESCO Creative Cities of Gastronomy delegates invited (Bergen, Bélem, Chengdu, Dénia, Gaziantep, Östersund, and Tucson) who expressed support and sympathy for Alba's candidacy.

PHOTO CREDITS: Gazzetta d'Alba